Rent The Runway Try-on Haul featuring Staud, Nanushka, 525 America & More

Rent The Runway Try-On Haul

Hey there, lovely people! Today, we’re going to have a blast playing with some fashion. I hope you enjoy this try-on haul as much as I enjoyed filming and editing it. Thanks for watching the video, and if you want more content like this, make sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon to stay updated with my new videos. Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you could support my black-owned business by cash apping me at $shethesavant or through PayPal at @shethesavant. Now, let’s dive into this fabulous haul from Rent The Runway!

mih Jeans Try-On

Let’s start with a pair of mih jeans. These jeans are super cute and flared, giving a stylish touch to any outfit. They hit just above the ankle, which is perfect for showing off a little ankle cleavage. I really enjoyed how they fit around my waist, and I’m even considering purchasing them for $78. Overall, a great addition to my wardrobe.

Jonathan Simkhai Sweater Top Try-On

Next up, I tried on a gorgeous navy blue sweater top from Jonathan Simkhai. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of how it made my bust look. It didn’t provide the support I needed, resulting in an unflattering shape. I think wearing a push-up bra that cups underneath might be a solution, but for me, it just didn’t work. Despite that, it’s still a beautiful top that could be styled in many different ways.

SWF Top Try-On

Moving on, I tried on a stunning top from SWF. This top gave me wild thoughts and is perfect for a trendy brunch outing. It has a low-cut neckline, but I prefer not to wear a cami underneath. However, if you’re comfortable doing so, it could be a great option. I love this top and kept it for a while, but I’ve decided to return it. Nevertheless, it’s a stylish piece that’s perfect for special occasions.

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525 America Sweater Try-On

Now, let’s talk about the 525 America sweater. This brand is iconic, and I had an interesting connection to it. A friend of mine used to work as a reporter, and they talked about the brand at the news station many years ago. The sweater is super cute and lightweight, making it ideal for a comfortable yet stylish look. I had a great time wearing it, but I haven’t decided on whether to keep or return it just yet.

Nanushka Silk Top Try-On

Next, I tried on a luxurious silk top from Nanushka. I’ve rented this top before and fell in love with its expensive feel and high-quality materials. It’s a splurge-worthy piece, but for now, I prefer to rent it rather than buy it. Unfortunately, I haven’t had many opportunities to wear it recently, so I didn’t keep it this time. However, if my budget allows, I might consider purchasing it in the future.

Staud Sweater Vest Try-On

Let’s talk about the Staud sweater vest. I’m a big fan of Staud as a brand and their minimalist pieces. However, this specific sweater vest caught me off guard with its unexpected heaviness. It’s more suitable for cooler seasons, and since it’s about to get hot where I am, I decided to send it back. However, I would consider it for future seasons when the weather is cooler.

Vince Top Try-On

Now, let’s discuss the Vince top. I have nothing but positive feedback for this top. The fabric and material feel amazing, and the fit and cut are incredibly flattering. I must admit, figuring out the best bra option was a bit challenging, as you might have seen in the try-on. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with this item and can’t wait to style it in different outfits.

Afrm Dress Try-On

Lastly, let’s talk about the Afrm dress. I’m beyond excited about this dress and overall, I adore Afrm as a brand. I’ve rented numerous dresses from them in the past, and they never disappoint. This particular dress is incredibly flattering and accentuates all the right curves. I feel amazing in it! However, I do plan on returning it after wearing it. It’s a positive experience overall, and I highly recommend checking out Afrm’s collection.

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Rent The Runway Try-on Haul featuring Staud, Nanushka, 525 America More


To sum it up, this try-on haul from Rent The Runway has been an absolute blast. I had such a great time trying on these fabulous pieces and exploring different styles. Rent The Runway is truly a game-changer, allowing me to experiment with fashion without breaking the bank. I highly appreciate the service they provide, and I’m sure many of you would too. If you’re looking to add some excitement and variety to your wardrobe, I highly recommend giving Rent The Runway a try. Until next time, stay fashionable and have fun exploring your style!