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Makeup Declutter and Storage Discussion

Makeup Declutter and Storage Discussion by Asha Imani


Hey there! Today I want to have a friendly chat about makeup decluttering and storage. As someone who has been buying and trying a lot of makeup lately, I’ve found myself with an overwhelming collection. So, it’s time to clean out and organize my stash! I plan on donating some items to friends and others to charity. Let’s dive into the specific makeup products I’ll be discussing and why I’ve decided to declutter them.

Fenty-Pressed Powder Foundations

First up, let’s talk about the Fenty Pressed Powder Foundations. I enjoy these products. Shade 430 is a perfect match for my foundation shade, while 370 was initially bought for under-eye highlighting. However, I found that I didn’t reach for it as much as I anticipated. I’m still exploring different techniques for coverage, so I might incorporate them in the future. Nevertheless, I don’t think I need it right now, so I might give it to a friend who can use it as a bronzer. Overall, I appreciate the formula and the lightweight, buildable coverage these powders provide.

Under Eye Highlight

Next on the list is an under-eye highlight product that I just haven’t found much use for. While I’m learning different techniques for coverage, I haven’t found a consistent need for this particular product. I’m considering giving it away to someone who could make better use of it. It’s always important to remember that what works for one person may not work for another, and that’s okay!

Juvia’s Place Mini Palette

I bought this Juvia’s Place Mini Palette as a gift, but it ended up staying in my collection instead. I have mixed feelings about Juvia’s Place eyeshadows, as the formula can be hit or miss for me. While I appreciate the brand and love the packaging, I don’t reach for this palette as often as I’d like. So, I’m considering giving it away to someone who might enjoy it more.

Fenty Setting Powder

Now, onto the Fenty Setting Powder. I recently purchased this powder after watching a makeup artist on YouTube using it to blend out harsh lines and as a blotting powder. I’m enjoying the translucent, finely milled formula of this powder, so I plan on keeping it in my collection. I might even repurchase it when I run out.

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Custom Shade Setting Powder

I also bought a setting powder in multiple shades to create custom shades for different areas of my face, based on a makeup artist’s technique. This has been a fun experiment, and I appreciate the flexibility it provides. The Fenty powders have won me over with their quality and performance. So, I highly recommend trying them if you’re in the market for a new setting powder.

KKW Beauty Lipsticks

Moving on to lipsticks, I have a few shades from KKW Beauty that I no longer reach for. I initially bought them for ombre lip looks, but I haven’t been using them often. Therefore, I’ve decided to declutter them from my collection. It’s all about finding products that work best for you and align with your current preferences.

Beauty Blender

Ah, the trusty Beauty Blender. This is a staple in my makeup routine, and I can’t imagine decluttering it anytime soon. The unique sponge material helps me achieve a flawless finish, and it’s so versatile when blending foundation, concealer, or cream products. The Beauty Blender is a keeper in my book.

Makeup Declutter and Storage Discussion by Asha Imani

Becca Lipstick

Unfortunately, I have to say goodbye to Becca lipstick. It’s become pretty old, and I no longer find myself reaching for it. When it comes to decluttering, it’s important to let go of products that are no longer usable or don’t bring you joy when using them. As with any makeup collection, freshness and usability are key.

Winky Lux Bronzer

I bought the Winky Lux bronzer with high hopes, but unfortunately, the shade is too warm for my skin tone. It just doesn’t give me the desired effect that I’m looking for. So, I’ve decided to give it away to someone who can enjoy it more. It’s all about finding products that work harmoniously with your skin tone and preferences.

Danessa Myricks Cream Bronzer

Similarly, I have a Danessa Myricks cream bronzer that I do like, but I don’t reach for it often. It’s a great product, but I simply haven’t incorporated it into my daily routine as much as I’d like. I’ve decided to pass it along to someone who can make better use of it. It’s always exciting to share makeup products with others and see them find joy in them.

Fenty Bronzer

On the other hand, I’m still a fan of Fenty Beauty and plan to keep the bronzer I have. It’s a product that works well for me, and I appreciate the formula and finish it provides. It’s always great to have those go-to products that you can rely on and trust.

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Makeup Declutter and Storage Discussion by Asha Imani

Rare Beauty Setting Powder

While I haven’t made a final decision on the Rare Beauty setting powder, I do like it. I just need to use it a bit more to really solidify my thoughts on it. It’s always important to give products a fair chance and thoroughly test them out before making a decision. So, the jury is still out on this one for now.

Morphe Contour Palette

I have a Morphe contour palette that I don’t reach for as often as I thought I would. It’s a decent product, but I’ve realized that it’s not essential to my everyday makeup routine. Therefore, I’ve decided to give it away to someone who might enjoy it more. It’s all about finding the products that work best for you and align with your personal style.

Holy Snails Jelly Cleanser

Oops! I forgot to mention that I have a Holy Snails jelly cleanser that I absolutely love. It’s become a staple in my skincare routine, and I’m definitely holding onto it. Sometimes, amidst the decluttering process, we uncover gems that we simply can’t part with. This cleanser definitely falls into that category for me.

MAC Face Powder and Highlighter

I’ve been using MAC face powder and highlighter for a long time, and they have become tried and true products for me. They’ve stood the test of time and perform consistently well. So, I definitely plan on keeping them in my collection.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palette

I have an Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette that I’m on the fence about. While it’s a beautiful palette, I haven’t been reaching for it as much as I’d like. I’m considering giving it away, but I’m still undecided. Sometimes, it’s hard to let go of certain products because of their aesthetic appeal. I’ll continue to reflect on this palette and make a decision in the near future.

Makeup by Mario Eyeshadow Primer

I recently purchased the Makeup by Mario eyeshadow primer, and I’m excited to continue incorporating it into my routine. I’ve heard great things about it, and I’m eager to see how it performs. It’s always fun to try out new products and discover new favorites along the way.

Fenty Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

On the other hand, I haven’t been reaching for my Fenty Beauty eyeshadow palette as much as I thought I would. As someone who loves eyeshadow, it’s important for me to have products that I genuinely enjoy using. So, I’ve made the decision to give this palette away to someone who will appreciate it more.

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Dominique Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette

Conversely, I’m quite fond of my Dominique Cosmetics eyeshadow palette. The formula and shade selection are right up my alley, so I plan on keeping it in my collection. Sometimes, it’s all about finding those products that align perfectly with your preferences.

Pure White Yard Mousse Eyeshadow

I have a Pure White Yard mousse eyeshadow that I’ve been meaning to try but haven’t used yet. It’s always exciting to have new products waiting to be explored. I’m looking forward to experimenting with this eyeshadow and seeing how it performs.

Jordana Lip Liner

Unfortunately, I have a Jordana lip liner that doesn’t match my skin tone. It’s important to find lip liner shades that complement your natural lip color, and this one falls short for me. I’ve decided to let it go and make room for other shades that work better for me.

NYX Lip Liners

Speaking of lip liners, I have quite a few from NYX in my collection. Some I plan on keeping, as they are shades I reach for frequently, while others I’ll be decluttering. It’s all about finding the balance between keeping what you love and letting go of what no longer serves you.

L’Oreal Infallible Eyeliner

I also have a L’Oreal Infallible eyeliner that’s decent but not necessarily a must-have for me. It’s one of those products that will do the job but doesn’t stand out in any particular way. I might pass it along to someone who can appreciate it more.

NYX Lashes

On the other hand, I plan on keeping my NYX lashes. They’re reliable and provide a nice finishing touch to any makeup look. Lashes can really elevate an eye look and make you feel glamorous, so I definitely want to hold onto these.

Ofra Hedone Hard Gel Liner

Unfortunately, the Ofra Hedone hard gel liner hasn’t lived up to my expectations. It just doesn’t work as well as I had hoped, so I’ve decided to move on from it. Sometimes, you have to let go of products that don’t meet your standards.

L’Oreal Color Riche Liners

Similarly, I have a few L’Oreal Color Riche liners that I don’t reach for often. While they’re decent products, they just don’t stand out in my collection. So, I’ve made the decision to declutter them.

elf Prismatic Eyeshadow and NYX Jelly Glitter Primer

I bought an elf Prismatic eyeshadow and NYX Jelly Glitter primer with the intention of creating fun and sparkly eye looks. However, I haven’t used them as much as I anticipated. In the spirit of decluttering, I’ve decided to give them away to someone who can make better use of them.

Maybelline Mascaras

Lastly, I have a few Maybelline mascaras that I don’t absolutely love but find to be okay. While they aren’t my holy grail mascaras, they do the job decently. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a few backup mascaras in your collection for those days when you just need a quick coat of mascara.

And there you have it! A comprehensive rundown of the makeup products I’ve decided to declutter. It’s always empowering to take control of your collection and let go of what no longer serves you. Remember, makeup should be fun and enjoyable, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. Happy decluttering and organizing!